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Nice shot of the boat - by a guy who hit us!

 We were quietly moored up after a fun day out and a guy in his sailboat was trying  to park next to us.   After bumping into us twice, Kris fell in using the dock stick.  No damage to our boat, thankfully, except Kris had her phone, my car keys, and her apple watch - again, seems no damage. Later that night, the guy who hit us sent this nice shot.  Red sky, unfortunately, due to local smoke from forest fires.

First crabbing on the Swift Trawler

 With Miles in town, we snuck in some crabbing during the last eligible day of 2022, caught 2 and made amazing crab cakes - with some freshly grated horseradish and japapeno from the garden.  - Super cool view on the plotter of the aft camera  Added a little Jewishness to the boat!  Learning how to read the plotter
 Boating guidelines for our guests.


 I started this to document our journey with our boat, a 2019 Beneteau Swift Trawler.  This is our 3rd boat and we love the boating life and are looking forward to lots of fun and adventures, all throughout Puget Sound. We got the boat from the prior owner in Des Moines, who took amazing care of the boat and left us in perfect shape to enjoy her.  Her name was Kaos but we will rename the boat to Cheers, like our prior Ranger Tug.